Roam HL-series – Freeride Foilboard/Wave


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Kiten för dig som är dedikerad foil och vågor. En kite som fungerar när vinden är svajig och beter sig även stabilt i situationer med slack i linorna.

Alla HL-kites har en Aluula förstärkt Airframe och är världens näst lättaste inflatable kites, efter A-series kites.


For 2021 the airframes of the Roam 12 m and 14 m have been fine tuned  with a new shape and bridle configurations. These exciting modifications turn these larger Roam kites into fast turning powerhouses that will get you up and riding in the lightest wind conditions.

ALUULA composites, dacron and ripstop have been carefully selected to create a super light yet rugged 3-strut air frame with the flying weight being reduced yet again (weighing-in lighter than most single strut kites and on par with not strut kites).

The ultra light weight and deep foil profile in combination with a moderate arc provides sharp, responsive turns, maximum drift, and the low-end hover sought out when freeride foiling, or drifting down-the-line.

With the Roam, there is no longer a need to compromise on stability and wind range in favour of no struts.

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