Pilot bar




Totally redesigned for 2022, the Pilot bar is a culmination of 20 years of frontline trim design experience.
We went all out and refined every component to deliver the cleanest, easiest to use frontline trim bar to date.
The redesigned control stick features a smaller 23mm diameter grip turning the Pilot into a precision instrument for
freestyle and Big Air riders.
Featuring a generous 60cm of sheeting range, the newly designed cleat and trim line handle are still within easy reach.
The refined bar floats feature an aerodynamic shape that incorporates full retract bar-end bungees for easy line storage.
ISO compliant, the Pilot is outfitted with the all new Gen 9 Punchout Trim Loop and leash system.
Bar Length: 46cm and 52cm
Lines: 22m (19m + 3m) Liros DC 401 – Break strength: 400DaN (899Lbs)